Market Report for Del Ray Alexandria VA

How is the Market? Is one of the questions people ask me once they find out I am a REALTOR®. My answer always is. It depends, It is all about location.

Realtors rely on the information provided monthly by the local MLS on market statistics for specific zip codes or subdivisions. This data is collected and shared with members on the 10th of every month showing past performance of the market in specific locations such as Del Ray Alexandria VA

Just like with Stocks, having  monthly information  is not enough, market fluctuations are better checked and tracked by inputting weekly information into another database. Check out My video where I explain these fluctuations for four zip codes.

I have been researching this for a year, I find this tool very helpful to my clients they can decide more effectively when to put their house on the market. This information is not readily available to all realtors, it is up to the local real estate agent to gather this information herself. If you want to know what the trends are before putting your home in Del Ray Alexandria VA for sale Contact me at 703-472-5439 or 

Median Sales Price

Days on Market

Months of Supply